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New Delhi, Delhi

ABHINAV SAMAJ’s main mission is rehabilitation and welfare for elderly/destitute parents de-sheltered by their owns and destitute children. We wish inmates in our Old-Age Home/Orphanage could feel at home away from their own homes. In addition to this our organization working for Relief to CORONA patients. Our volunteers provide them ready-to-eat food, oxygen, medicines and other needs free of cost. In case of their Death our volunteers help them to reach crematorium and complete their last rituals according to their customs irrelevant to their caste, creed and religion. During this crisis of COVID we are involved in activities of distribution of Food in slums/JJ colonies in Delhi, Distribution of Grocery-Kits, masks, sanitizers in middle class colonies. Distribution of Free Books and Study-Material to poor children of primary classes in slums/JJ colonies of Delhi. In current times as deadly disease CORONA VIRUS has effected around the World even after un-lock process and availability of vaccines it is spreading its wings so speedily.

ABHINAV SAMAJ is a not-for-profit organization registered with Govt. of NCT of Delhi under Trust Act. All the members of Governing Body of ABHINAV SAMAJ are retired Government Officers/Business people and from well to do families. Trust was formed to serve society on the basis of personal experiences of all the members.
We are ABHINAV SAMAJ has Four Ambulances to help CORONA effected people. Our volunteers are working day and night to help CORONA effected families by providing them ... Read More