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COVID-19: Your small contribution may provide some moments of joy and life-line to Poor/Needy/Unemployed in Slums/JJ Colonies by providing them Free Food Packets and Blankets who have nothing to eat and protection from winter


In current times we are experiencing a very unique & unprecedented situation due to pandemic COVID-19 around the world. Since every country in World is suffering from this deadly disease. However Vaccines are in pipeline to save HUMANITY but still it had to take a long way to normalise the life of people on earth. Still precautionary directions of WHO have vital role to stop the spread of this deadly disease.
As World gears up after unlock after lockdown, the impacts of the pandemic are still going to be greater than what we can see or imagine. However, life is going towards normal in many areas but still circumstances are critical for many poor families.
Sectors ranging from travel to tourism, hospitality to manufacturing, construction to retail are still in crisis. Millions of daily wage earners, hawkers, street vendors and other un-organised sector people still have no sources to feed themselves and their families.
Due to lack of employment chances it is difficult for them to sustain since they have no jobs, no work and no source to earn livelihood.
This is an opportunity for non-profits to prove their mettle and create an ecosystem of collaboration and support. We at ABHINAV SAMAJ are working for this cause to our best.
However Government is also trying its best to stop the spread of this deadly disease but Government cannot be succeeded without the help of Society.
We at ABHINAV SAMAJ provides them food, masks and sanitizers, motivate them to abide by the directions of WHO, to wear masks, maintain social distancing to save themselves from this deadly disease and also help them to take to government hospitals if any of them feels any symptoms of Cough, Cold or Flu. For the purpose we are running one Medical equipped Van, consisting of 2 Doctors and 3 volunteers in Delhi regularly since 24th of March 2020.
We have two Food Distribution Vans who are distributing Food, Masks and Sanitizers in such slum colonies of Delhi where the most of such people are living in un-hygienic conditions.
During the period w.e.f. 15th March 2020 to 24 December 2020 we have distributed 1,20,450 packets of ready-to-eat Food, 75,450 Masks, 19,760 bottles of Sanitizers, 21,700 pcs. Of Dettol Soap in such JJ/slums colonies. In addition to this we have started to distribute Blankets also in such colonies.
To continue the noble cause/Project we need help and cooperation of the society.
Due to our financial limitations currently we have started this project with two Vans only. Later on as soon as we gets sufficient funding we shall increase the number of vans and mobile-dispensaries.
So we request all our well-wishers to provide us their full support so that we could work continuously for the welfare of SOCIETY.
Your small contribution can give smile and can be a lifeline for poor who have nothing to feed themselves and their families from hunger.
We wish you Happy & Prosperous New Year 2021 with hope 2021 will bring Health & Prosperity throughout the HUMANITY

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