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GivHOPE Africa

Yaoundé, Centre

MISSION: To CONTRIBUTE to the empowerment of women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and remedy the fragmentation, lack of coverage and coordination of formal social protection system and to STRENGTHEN the economic and social empowerment of women and girls (Vulnerable women, dropouts girls, older women, single breastfeeding girls, IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), single mothers, HIV/AIDS and disable women) in a perspective of sustainable development. LOCATION: GivHOPE Africa work covers Africa and the North America: Cameroon (5 regions out 10), Cote-d’Ivoire (Abidjan) and the USA (Washington, DC Metropolitan area and Atlanta, GA). PARTNERS: The Governments of host countries, International Development Institutions, the private sector, CSO, the media, the academia, health facilities, the local entities and some sister organizations: In Cameroon, Community Resource Centre for the Disabled and the Disadvantaged (CRCDD) in the North-West and CAYA (Cameroon Youth Association) in the West regions, Bibliotheques Rurales in Meidougou, the Adamawa region and Loum DIASPORA in the Littoral region with the help of administrative authorities, traditional rulers and local communities. In North America, DC Dream Center and Feed the People Mutual AID in Washington, DC and Atlanta Mission: Ending Homelessness and Amir Faheed Masjid Ash Shura Ali Muwwakkil Center in Atlanta. SELECTION OF PARTNERS: Apart from the mandatory partners, our choice is often based on mutual understanding and cross-cutting priorities such as capacity building, empowerment of vulnerable groups and adherence to minimum living standards. The main cross-cutting priorities to be addressed under the project are: (i) Capacity building/employment; (ii) Women's empowerment for civil, civic and social inclusion; (iii) education/health/nutrition. GivHOPE Africa also aims at increasing partnership and solidarity amidst not-for-profit organizations and their communities. ACTIONS: Providing urgent solutions to the immediate needs of people and categories in distress (Dropouts girls, the elderly, single breastfeeding girls, IDPs women (Internally Displaced Persons), single mothers, women living with disability and/or HIV/AIDS, etc.) for example, training women on sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, civil, civic and political rights, leadership and socio-economic project management. OVERALL WORK STRUCTURE: GivHOPE strengthens the economic and social empowerment of women and girls in a perspective of sustainable development to: (i) Promote and assert their rights, via schooling/vocational training; (ii) Accompany them towards formal employment and entrepreneurship; (iii) Fight against sexist and sexual violence; (iv) Strengthen their participation in public, political life and peace process; and (v) Promote their access to health/education. In HEALTH: GivHOPE assists or/and sponsors single nursing moms during and after delivery and care to their children, including street kids and the elderly women. In EDUCATION: A need that stems from poverty and the unequal access of girls and boys, women and men, to formal education, vocational training and information; In EMPLOYMENT: A need that arises from lack of qualification and financial poverty to have economic capital to develop income generating activities; In ACCESS TO INFORMATION ON SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH RIGHTS: A need that stems from ignorance and extreme poverty that leads women to turn to so-called traditional practices and medicine for sexual and reproductive health; In INFORMATION ON CIVIL, CIVIC AND POLITICAL RIGHTS: Needs arising from women's ignorance/negligence of the need to attend women's shelters (women's homes, etc.) to benefit from services involved in empowerment; THE EXISTENCE OF A FORMAL LOCAL RECEPTION FRAMEWORK DEDICATED TO THE EMANCIPATION OF WOMEN: A need that arises from the absence of a reception-information structure dedicated to the emancipation of women inside the slums. OUR TEAM: A plural-disciplinary team of Board members, administrative and technical experts such as psychologists, social workers, MDs, Advisers, IT, Pastors, Accounters, NCR, Secretaries, Volunteers, etc. For the FYI 2023/2024, GivHOPE Africa intends to sustain and capitalize on its past achievements and strengthen its visibility at the national and international level by reinforcing current partnerships and forging new committed partnerships for social causes while maintaining the same target groups. For details please visit our website at GivHOPE Africa website at or Facebook at or LinkedIn at or Tweeter at

GivHOPE Africa is registered under the Cameroonian Declaration of creation of 14, 2016 no. 0000322/RDA/J06/SAAJP/BAPP, revised on October 13, 2020 under no. 00001469/RDA/JO6/SAAJP/BAPP. It is also registered as a US Association (EIN 82-5187523) and IRS Code Section 501 (c) (3) which makes your donation to GivHOPE Africa tax-deductible.


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