VICTORIA, British Columbia

By encouraging healthy patterns of living, Pacific Centre Family Services enhances and promotes the quality and dignity of life of individuals and families within our diverse community.

Pacific Centre Family Services Association is dedicated to maintaining outstanding services for the people we work with through education, counselling and creative programming. We have locations in Colwood, Langford and Sooke, British Columbia, Canada and feature the following programs:

•Substance Use Program (Counselling and Referrals for Adults)
•Community Outreach Prevention and Education (Support for Youth 5-18)
•Youthtalk (email counselling for youth)
•Affordable and Fee for Service Counselling
•Youth Services (Parent/Teen Counselling and Mediation)
•Stopping the Violence (Counselling for Women Dealing with Abuse)
•Youth and Child Counselling and Expressive Therapy Program (SAIP)

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