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St Martins School

by Assumption Sisters of Nairobi

St Martins School is an oasis where 777 primary going children and almost 250 high school girls receive daily food, clean water, education, computer access, and guidance. We are a non-profit and we rely on charitable donations to fund our activities. Our goal is to provide education with sponsorships to all our students and as many children from the Kibagare slum as possible. In communities like ours, one in five high school-aged girls are in school and we wish to bridge this for the good of this community.

Our goal is to offer education to the needy from Kibagare with sponsorships for all our students. The primary school operates entirely on charitable donations. Most of our girls and boys who graduate from primary with good grades have little chance of attending secondary school due to environmental challenges, Gender vulnerabilities, and financial constraints. Without sponsorships and sponsors, many of our students would not be in school. We need help to grow a sustainable sponsorship program.

With sponsorships, we will be able to offer guaranteed schooling for the children from the slum, this is one of the world's most pressing challenges. Girls finishing their secondary education translates to a 50% reduction in early child marriages and also increases wages by 25%. Our school feeding program currently feeds 900 plus students every week, and more than 1300 every Saturday. With donations, we will be able to guarantee meals and reduces cases of children missing out on school.

Long-Term Impact
With the guarantee of school, we will be able to transition 70 girls and boys in Primary school and 70 girls in high school each year. Once these girls graduate with good grades they will be able to pursue degree courses and post-secondary diplomas of their choice. In return, they will be able to get gainful employment to uplift their families, reduce poverty and give back to their communities in time and money.

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