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Rainfed Farmers to improve of life style

by SEED Plan

A majority of the rural poor are small holders who depend on rainfed rather than irrigated agriculture. Improving productivity in rainfed areas is therefore a way of supporting the poor. Boosting the potential of existing rainfed areas reduces the need for new large-scale irrigation development, which can generate adverse environmental and social impacts. Furthermore, the cost of upgrading rainfed areas is generally lower than the cost of constructing new irrigation schemes, particularly in Pudukottai District in Tamailnadu They only one time paddy planting in raining season only October to Mar
1 Identified 10 farmers
2. Area in below 1.00 acres
3 Use only Organic fertilizer
4 Water management
5 Grow of Yield form 10 tons 20 Tons
6 Monitoring and evaluation in low income group farmers
7 Trail Plots

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