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Engineers Without Borders Ingeniører uden Grænser

Copenhagen, Hovedstaden

Engineers without Borders – Denmark (EWB-DK) is an NGO based on members with professional knowledge in a wide sense. The most important mission of EWB-DK is to ensure that basic life-improving engineering services also benefit the poor people of the world. Based on the Danish ressource base EWB-DK works to support vulnerabel and distressed people through coherent, technical, sustainable and local solutions. We build technical competences and a foundation for the population in our partner countries such that the population becomes an active agent for its own development – Building a better tomorrow. EWB-DK works within these areas: - Water, sanitation, health and hygiene (WASH) - Environment, incl. waste management and sustainable energy - Food security - Emergency and disaster relief

Engineers without Borders - Denmark (EWB-DK) is a technical humanitarian organization established in 2001 consisting of members who primarily are engineers, marine engineers and other kinds of technicians. However, in recent years, there has been an interest from other academic backgrounds, such as sociology, economics, communication and others. We welcome and percieve this interdiciplinarity as a fundamental strength of our organization.

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