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社團法人臺灣兒童健康暨身心發展協會 Children's Smile and Inspiration

Taichung City, Taichung

Children's Smile and Inspiration (CSI-TIWAN ) is a non-profit organization in Taiwan. The mission of CSI-TAIWAN is to ensure each child has a better future though the co-operation with global non-profit organizations, long-term planning and implementation of field development based on humanitarian. 從台灣出發,與全球非營利組織合作。以人道立場、長期計劃執行及場域發展的方式,保障各個囝仔擁有美好未來。

The Abbreviation of CSI-TAIWAN's core values is "human". The meanings are as following:
H: Health and Rights Health and right
U: Universality and Locality
M: Method and Evidence
A: Alliance and Development
N: Non-discriminatin and Equality

The vision of CSI-TAIWAN is that every child has equal rights of physical and mental health.


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