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Influence Mentoring Society

Calgary, Alberta

Influence is a collaborative organization whose goals are to create better opportunities for Indigenous, post-secondary students, and to create opportunities for mentors to raise their awareness of Indigenous issues, culture, and history. The Influence Mentoring program is a new initiative aimed at building capacity, talent, and career opportunities for eligible students, who are committed to achieving their career goals.

How does it work?

This innovative program is ONLINE and allows for any Indigenous post-secondary student to participate in the mentorship program from anywhere in Canada. Protégés simply fill in an online form that details who they are, what school they attend, and what their field of study is. Students will be matched to the most suitable Mentor who has a shared field of work to the student’s program of studies. The foundation of the program is the mentor-protégé relationship and ... Read More

How Donations Work
Click any 'Donate Now' button and then decide your donation amount. You will then be forwarded to your payment processor of choice. Once your donation has been processed it will be sent to your charity of choice.

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