Food Banks Canada/Banques Alimentaires Canada

Mississauga, Ontario

Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization representing the food bank community across Canada. Together with a network of more than 650 food banks and 3000 agencies, we serve approximately 85% of people accessing emergency food programs nationwide. Our mission is to meet the short term need for food and find long-term solutions to reduce hunger in collaboration with the food bank network in Canada.

Hunger doesn't just take place overseas – it also happens in our own backyard. Job loss, disability or underemployment are just a few reasons which may force a person to utilize a food bank. Every month, 1 million visits are made to food bank in Canada and 36% of food bank users are children and youth, who need good nutrition in order to learn and grow.

Food banks continue to be essential in Canada because of poverty; without a basic income, Canadians are unable to access safe, ... Read More

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