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COVID-Help struggling families to restore their jobs, profession after CORONA crisis who lost their jobs during CORONA period-Providing them Grocery-Kits & financial help to start with


As you aware that large number of educated class white-collar employees/small businessman has also lost their jobs/business due to lockdown and even after unlock process is started they are still unable to feed their families. And now second-wave of COVID has started which is more dangerous than before.
This is the class which cannot ask for charity, cannot demand help due to their ego and social status. Many of them have no eatables to feed their families even after unlock process started. They are unable to get jobs even after unlock process as there has been downfall in every business and opportunities for jobs too have downfall. Many of them are met with psychiatric problems resulting in suicidal cases are increasing day by day. They have only way to die with HUNGER or suicide.
We are providing financial help, food, ration and counselling services to such families/their family heads through Psychiatric Doctors.
In this context we have received certain requests from some people indicating their neighbours who are from each community irrelevant to caste, creed and religion, who have nothing to eat in their homes. They are living in very critical, un-hygenic conditions. Neither they can ask for charity, neither can ask for help from others. So we have started to distribute Groceries Kits among such families, which comes to our knowledge. Every Grocery-Kits contains 10 Kgs.Wheat Flour, 5 Kgs.Sugar, 5 Kgs.Rice, 1 Kg.Salt, 2 Lts. of Mustard Oil, 500 Gms.Tea, 200 Gms.Haldi Powder, 200 Gms.Red Chilli Powder, 200 Gms.Dry Coriander Powder, 200 Gms.Cummin and 2 Kgs Lentils. Cost of One Grocery-Kit costs INR 2000 ($ 35 USD) each.
Till date i.e. during 15.05.2020 to 14.04.2021 we have distributed 28,775 Packets of Grocery-Kits as per our available resources.
We need sincere and moral support from you all to continue this very important program to help humanity in whatsoever manner as even after unlock process has been started but this pandemic is now with more dangerous conditions and further spreading day by day.
We seeks your sincere support for the noble cause.

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