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Cluster Funk for The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary

Rock The Causebah 2019

Acerca de este Oportunidad benéfica

This Give Op is in support of Rock The Causebah, Benevity’s very own charity rock concert where Benevity-ite bands take the stage to raise funds for causes closest to their heart. This year, we have 6 bands showing off their musical talent and raising money for causes they care about.

Why Support The Elizabeth Fry Society?

We have chosen to support the Elizabeth Fry Society because they help the most marginalized and vulnerable in our society. Organizations that support those who are in the legal system struggle to get funding but are essential to getting vulnerable people back on their feet and thriving. This cause is near and dear to our hearts, especially Renee’s, whose mom, husband, and cousin have all worked here. We know first-hand how much this small organization does to support those who are most in need, whether it’s new immigrants, women and youth in the legal system, or the general population who needs access to legal resources.


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary offers pathways to healing through supports and advocacy, for women and marginalized populations who are affected by systemic social issues which can contribute to criminalization.

About the cause

Imagine what it is like to be in prison, struggling without a job or home in our community, or going through unimaginable trauma. It is a lonely, scary experience filled with uncertainty and despair. This is where The Elizabeth Fry Society (EFry) can help. EFry provides another chance to their clients who need it most.

Since 1965, EFry has offered help, healing and hope to thousands of vulnerable women, youth, immigrants, Indigenous peoples impacted by poverty, legal and justice issues. At-risk and criminalized women can start again with practical programs, basic necessities and connections to community resources.

It is a known fact that federal costs associated with incarcerating one woman annually is $213,000 but to maintain an offender in the community costs only $33,067 which also promotes their self-worth and dignity. The chance of reoffending is diminished and the skills learned enables the woman to create a more hopeful future.

“We shouldn’t be judged by our worst day, but our best day. And the best things we are capable of” - Piper Kerman - author of Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.

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