Corporation Wapikoni Mobile


For over 10 years, more than 3,000 First Nation youth have been initiated to filmmaking (video production) and musical recording with Wapikoni mobile. With our 2 travelling studios, we offer video and music workshops to First Nation youth in their communities. Our mission is to give the youth a voice, and thereby allowing them to be heard, recognized, and respected by their peers and in society in general, as well as encouraging the pursuit of their personal goals.

The purpose of our organization is:
 To allow First Nations youth to express themselves on subjects that matter to them;
 To develop their social, technical and artistic skills;
 To foster new areas of interest and future prospects;
 To provide access to technology, communication tools, professional resources, and opportunities;
 To encourage Native pride, indigenous culture and language;
 To develop empowerment and encourage social engagement;
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